Smoke Alarm Service

HHAST – The best smoke alarm reports in Australia and the fastest service from our rapid response team.

Electronic devices sometimes fail, batteries go flat, and tenants often disable the smoke alarms, so they can smoke inside, dampness or steam can cause issues. There is a myriad of things that can push a property into non-compliance.
When you do it with HHAST, we are passionate about what we do so get the job done fast, independently and thoroughly. Give us a try, we are certain you will be delighted with our service.
Smoke Alarm Service
smoke alarm

Why choose HHAST, instead of DIY?​

It makes a lot of sense that property managers don’t want to do it as it is not part of their job description so there could be Worker’s Comp & Work Safe ramifications if something were to go wrong.

HHAST provide a host of services designed to make property managers work easier by offering seamless, rapid response work at competitive prices. All our staff members are always mindful of saving landlords money, conducting quality work along with treating tenants with the utmost respect.

All prices include 10% GST

Smoke Alarm Service

For Studio Unit (One Room)

We only use 10 Year Lithium Battery
Interconnected Photo Electric Smoke Alarms
$ 229
  • 1 Bedroom dwelling from $ 299
  • 2 Bedroom dwelling from $ 369
  • 3 Bedroom dwelling from $ 479
  • 4 Bedroom dwelling from $ 569
  • 5 Bedroom dwelling from $ 639

Conditions apply

Installation is based on the number of bedrooms: 1 bedroom requires 2 alarms, 2 bedrooms require 3 alarms, 3 bedrooms require 5 alarms, 4 bedrooms require 6 alarms, and 5 bedrooms require 7 alarms. Multi-story properties may require additional alarms. An extra cost applies for hard-wired alarms. All pricing includes GST. Upgrades include a 1-year subscription to an annual smoke alarm maintenance program, valued at $110.00, and a 10-year warranty, provided enrollment in the program continues for 10 years.

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